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Do's and Don'ts of Emergency Denture Repair

Even the most careful denture wearers might have their dentures destroyed by accident.

Dropping your dentures might result in cracks, chips, or fracture. Dentures can also be subjected to a great deal of wear and tear over time as a result of normal activities such as chewing, talking, and applying pressure, among others. Hard meals can also cause damage to your dentures. Dentures that are older are more prone to cracking, and the fake teeth might loosen and fall out with time.

If you wear dentures, keeping them clean and in good working order is critical for your oral health. Dentures that are broken or improperly fitting can cause major problems and can be costly to repair as they deteriorate. Continue reading to find out what to do if your dentures break.

What to Do If Your Dentures Break

The following are immediate procedures to take for denture repair:

  1. To establish the amount of the damage, the first step is to analyze the breakage. When it comes to dentures, it’s usually preferable to seek the advice of a denturist. Some people, on the other hand, may choose to repair their dentures with an emergency denture repair kit.
  2. If you require emergency professional assistance to repair your dentures, contact your denturist to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Even if you don’t, make sure you follow your denturist’s recommendations to the letter.
  3. If you choose to use a denture repair kit, make sure it is labeled as dental-safe.
  4. Never attempt to repair your dentures with household adhesives or by following various DIY emergency denture repair solutions seen on the internet. By doing so, you risk causing major harm to your teeth and dentures.
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New options for Dentures

Overdentures are a more stable solution than traditional dentures 

and they minimise the amount of bone loss that usually occurs with tooth loss.

What Emergency Denture Repair Joondalup Options Do You Have?

The following are some of the greatest emergency denture repair Joondalup services:

Mail-in denture repair

For effective emergency denture repair, you might employ a mail-in service. To do so, you must first purchase a denture repair service. Following that, you must clean and disinfect your dentures. After that, you’ll need to carefully package your dentures and mail them to your denture clinic. Your dentures will be repaired the same day and shipped to you as quickly as possible.

If you require emergency repairs or your denture clinic is unavailable during your preferred period, mail-in denture services are a great option, especially during COVID-19. Emergency Denture Repair Joondalup provides economical mail-in denture services. If you don’t want to go to the dentist, our expert mail-in denture repair service is a better option than emergency denture repair kits if you don’t want to go to the dentist. Your dentures will be fixed swiftly by experts, even for intricate denture breakages, and the outcomes will be significantly more effective than a DIY kit.

Same Day Walk-In Repair

You can contact your denture clinic and have your dentures repaired the same day if you use a same-day emergency denture repair service. This comprises denture replacement, denture crack repair, denture relining, dental flipper repair, and partial clasp repair.

Emergency denture repairs Joondalup offers economical same-day emergency denture repair services.

Dentures Relining

Your dentures may begin to change over time. It’s possible that your dentures will start to hurt, or that you’ll need to use adhesive to keep them in place. Additionally, the gums and soft tissues in your mouth may change over time. If these changes begin to compromise the way your dentures fit, you should seek expert denture relining from a denturist. Emergency Dentures Repair in Joondalup provides same-day walk-in denture relining services for soft reline and hard reline dentures at an inexpensive price.

Adjustments to dentures

If your dentures need to be repaired, your denturist may be able to alter them to make them fit better. They are more comfortable to wear as a result of this. Dentures usually require minor changes in order to function properly again.

Dentures: How Not to Repair Them

When it comes to denture repair, there are few things you should never do. These are some of them:

  • Fixing your dentures using superglue: Super-glue dissolves in water and is not a long-term solution. If used in excessive numbers, it can be harmful.
  • Using other glues and household goods to repair dentures: They will damage your dentures because they will react poorly with the dental ceramic used in dentures. It’s also possible that they’re poisonous.
  • Failure to follow your denturist’s advice: If your dentures break, you’ll need to get them fixed right away. As a result, skipping your denturist’s visit or disregarding their advice is never a good choice. Repairing your broken dentures should never be put off.

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Emergency Denture Repair Joondalup - Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency dentures are whole or partial dentures that are implanted the same day as the natural teeth are extracted. After tooth extractions, you shouldn’t have to wait several weeks for your mouth to recover – or feel self-conscious for another month while your dentures are being created.

Super glue can be an efficient temporary treatment for repairing a broken denture in an emergency. It has the ability to keep your dentures in place for days. When applying the glue on your dentures, make sure to let it dry completely before putting them back on. 

Only a trained prosthodontist can repair a denture that has been shattered in half. Repairs are required immediately. If a tooth is fractured, fractured, or has fallen out, or if the pink acrylic has come loose, you may be able to temporarily repair it at home before going to the dentist.

It may be deemed a dental emergency in some situations, therefore your dentist will be willing to see you right away so you can resume chewing and speaking normally. Your dentist will assess the damage to determine whether only a repair is required or if new dentures are required.

Each fix is relevant to the issue at hand. It can take anywhere from 24 hours to two weeks to complete these repairs. This is when the area of your denture that touches your mouth’s soft tissues is resurfaced to improve its fit. It might also make you feel more at ease.

In minutes, you can fix breaks, patch cracks, and replace loose teeth with the Denture Repair Kit. The zinc-free, easy-to-use package is a must-have for everyone who wears dentures.